New Austin F1 Date

By , August 15, 2011 12:04 am

Although it is not “official” yet, I welcome the news that Bernie Ecclestone’s revised F1 calendar shows the Austin GP moving back to November 18, 2012. This would make it the penultimate race of the 2012 season, with only Brazilian GP to follow, and so it could be the race that crowns the driver and/or team world champions – although it is also possible that both championships could already be in the bag by then. I really feel that a June Austin GP would have real problems in trying to protect drivers, teams and spectators from the heat – remember it was 104F in Austin one year prior to the race!

Looking at the latest footage of progress of the Austin F1 track ( ) it is encouraging to see that construction seems to be continuing on schedule – which is  one of the few benefits of a summer full of days over 100F with no rain!

So, the Expo that I have mentioned in recent posts? Well, the move of the GP date back to November does give us plenty of time to get a great event planned and executed. I still have not heard from CoTA or FOM that an official Expo is planned, although I hope to get some answers over the next few days. If not, I seem to have sufficient interest across the F1 spectrum to put a proposal forward. So, watch this space!

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