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By , January 22, 2012 6:52 pm

Great news for Texas F1 fans – with the 2012 Austin Formula 1 Grand Prix now officially on the calendar, and the wait list opened for grandstand race tickets, Austin’s Formula Expo  ( is CONFIRMED to take place over the June 15-17, 2012 weekend. The Convention Center will host the Expo itself, with other venues around town featuring some VIP and sponsor events, including Austins 2012 “Battle of the Bands” Final at ACL-Live on Saturday June 16. Formula Expo will be a great opportunity for fans and F1 newbies alike to see first hand how and why Formula 1 brings together the best racing drivers in the world and the most advanced race cars, to create the ultimate in motorsport.

See F1 Cars, Teams and Drivers

Work is now underway in securing teams, drivers and F1 celebrities to make the Expo both highly entertaining and informative. Visitors will be able to see the teams, cars, leading edge technology, and long history that makes F1 such a compelling sport to the 600 million people worldwide that  are expected to watch F1 during 2012.

The Expo floor will extend over 120,000 sq. ft. of downtown Austin’s Convention Center, and will feature exhibits and demonstrations from F1 teams themselves, as well as the companies that produce the sport’s ground breaking technology and spin-off real world applications. Attendees will also get a feel for the glamour that surrounds F1 with some of its world renowned brand sponsors showcasing their products and services at the Expo.

To achieve this, the Expo floor will include a number of different ZONES, each showing a different aspect of the sport:


This will include fascinating and fun attractions such as:

  • Interactive exhibits, showing cars from some of the F1 teams.
  • An exhibit from Austin’s “Circuit of the Americas” showing the track and what is in store for race weekend in November.
  • Driving simulators, including tracks such as Monaco as well as Austin, so you can get a taste of what it is like to drive an F1 car!
  • Demonstrations of Formula 1 pit crews in action.
  • Exhibit showing how the driver and constructor championships work, including qualifying, in-race regulations, stewarding, etc.
  • The stage will be the focus for drivers, ex-drivers and team members to talk on their F1 experiences, with a video wall showing amazing F1 footage.


This zone will give you an appreciation of why F1 is just as much an engineering contest as it is a driver championship. The exhibits will highlight
some of the cutting edge technologies that are being used in the 2012 F1 cars, plus some fascinating examples of F1 technologies that are now used in everyday applications.

F1 Cosworth Engine

Sections will include:

  • Exhibit F1 engine manufacturer showing an open engine and its key components
  • Demonstration of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that drivers use to boost power, which has the potential for use in road cars.
  • Interactive on-car demonstrations of other key technologies currently being used, especially the Drag Reduction System (DRS), steering wheel and the front wing.
  • Exhibit showing how F1 is going green through changes in regulations that will spur new technologies
  • Examples of technologies developed through F1 that have found real world applications such as ABS, carbon fiber, telemetry, etc.


This Zone will highlight the global nature of F1 using models and multimedia exhibits showing the locations of all of the F1 tracks worldwide.

It will also offer the opportunity for you to visit “F1 experience” travel operators and discuss their travel packages to attend other F1 races around the world.


This Zone will show the history of motor racing and the evolution of F1 using a display of historic cars and memorabilia, cabinets of past race trophies loaned by teams, etc.

See Historic F1 Cars and Meet Past & Present Drivers


The Expo’s stage will host an impressive line-up of faces from F1, who will be giving talks and interviews about all aspects of the sport. Interspersed with this we will add some Austin flavor by featuring some of the City’s favorite bands, so visitors can see why Austin is proud to be know as the “Music Capital of the World”.


The exhibit floor will also have a “fun zone” where you can experience what it is like to drive and F1 car in a state-of-the-art race driving simulator. A zone will be set aside for local Austin businesses to showcase their products and build their relationships with the F1 community.

Experience F1 First-Hand and Up-Close!

Whether you are a seasoned motorsport fan, a local wanting to understand why Formula 1 is such a big deal, a visitor  interested in what Austin has to offer, or just want a great family day out then I encourage you to sign-up for updates on the Formula Expo web site (, and mark June 15-17 in your diary NOW!

Discounted “early-bird” tickets and VIP passes for the Expo and off-site activities will go on-sale in February.

Finally, my apologies for the lack of postings recently. As I have been working with some of the folks involved in the the track and the Austin GP, and probably had some insights that were not in the public domain, I felt it would be unfair to use this forum to discuss the negotiations surrounding the race.

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