Austin F1 Track Location & Design

By , February 27, 2011 12:18 am

This map shows the location of the new F1 Track in Austin. It is very close to the Austin’s Bergstrom airport, East of SH130:

Austin F1 Track Location

Austin's F1 track is located East of SH130, very close to the airport

The track itself is being designed and engineered by Tilke, a German company which has been responsible for most of the new F1 tracks that have been built in recent years, including the tracks in Bahrain, China, Korea and Malaysia. Its draft design and elevation for the Austin track have been released and these are reproduced below:

Austin F1 Track Draft Layout

The Austin F1 draft track layout shows a circuit of 3.4 miles, expected to allow speeds of 200 mph

Work should now be commencing on grading the site, which will be developed according to the following draft:

Austin F1 Track Draft Elevation

I intend to visit the site tomorrow morning, and post pictures of work to date.

4 Responses to “Austin F1 Track Location & Design”

  1. Pat Haire says:

    Hey Mr. Ian,
    Has been awhile my friend (FB posts). I am still out there and often read your posts, videos and….Have been bogged down with struggles with many agencies (Not positive).

    Same goes for the #1 news team; McLaren who will be on their way to Barcelona (Did not know there was a track there as have been there a few times to visit), next week for a bucket load of testing with their new wares.

    Hope to get to Austin for this event in June…We need to hook up!! Keep up the great work eh :-)

    Talk soon ok,

    Del Rio

  2. Tim Termeer says:

    Will there be any staging areas for helicopters to come in and out? Helipads? Can you let me know the how close the location is? to the track?

  3. Mark Kincheloe says:

    It seems like if we want to get people excited about track we should know where it is, saying it is on such and such HW is very confusing

    • Ian Weightman says:


      If you scroll down to my first post you will see a map of the track location along with circuit layouts.


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